What is mobOx?

mobOx is a mobile blood analysis platform for emergency medical services. It enables the rapid, accurate and reliable preclinical diagnosis of respiratory disorders with the accuracy of stationary clinical bench-top devices.

Poisoning by carbon monoxide as well as various chemicals and drugs can alter the hemoglobin in such a way that it no longer participates in the transport of vital oxygen. This can lead to a potentially life-threatening situation within minutes. Even low exposure may result in severe and permanent late effects.

Why mobOx?

Poisoning often causes non-specific symptoms such as headache, nausea and fatigue. Currently, only a tentative diagnosis can be made on-site. The diagnosis is confirmed when the patient is admitted to the hospital. If treatment is required at a specialist clinic, further transport is required. As a result, valuable time is lost that could already be used to initiate the best therapy, which would reduce the probability and severity of possible late effects in patients.

mobOx enables the fast and reliable diagnosis of respiratory disorders, for example by poisoning caused by carbon monoxide as well as various chemicals and medications already on-site. mobOx also represents a safeguard for decisions in the emergency medical services. In the event of a major incident, patients can be screened quickly and limited resources can be prioritized.

How does mobOx work?

mobOx is a lightweight and compact handheld. Only a single drop of blood (≤20 µL) is required for analysis, which is based on an innovative reliable and accurate optical measurement technique with algorithms based on deep learning. More than 100 analyses can be performed with a single battery charge.

A first prototype is currently being developed and will be expected for clinical trials in fall 2021.

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